Continue training over the year

We saw tremendous demand for club volleyball this past tryout season.  Not everyone could make a team, and our guidance to those that did not was to keep playing volleyball.   Given this significant demand, Powerwest wanted to help provide these opportunities to play for non-club team volleyball athletes.

Therefore, Powerwest is offering a new Train and Play for 14U and 15U (Grade 8 and Grade 9) females who want to continue to develop their volleyball skills over this winter.

These sessions commence Thursday, Jan 12th and run to spring break.  The time is 9pm to 1030pm at Mickey Mcdougall.     

Devon May is coaching these sessions and will build fundamental skills as well as create game play opportunities.  This is a great opportunity to continue building skills and have fun playing volleyball.  Devon is professional coach and volleyball player.


The Fee is $200 for nine 1.5 hour sessions.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

TRYOUTS – Important Information for Parents and Athletes

The tryout process is an exciting and stressful time for our athletes. It is important for everyone to have a common understanding of the process.

There are a number of very important rules that all clubs must abide by in the process, and all parents and athletes should be aware of these rules. If you feel a club has breached these rules, please reach out to Volleyball BC to report the club and the infraction (

  1. OFFERS MADE BY TEAMS TO PLAYERS MUST REMAIN OPEN UNTIL 6PM on the 8TH DAY AFTER THE START OF THE TRYOUT PERIOD (the start of the tryout period are the dates of Powerwest’s tryouts above).
    • This means that clubs cannot ask you to make a decision on an offer prior to that deadline. They cannot rescind the offer if you choose to wait until the deadline to decide.
    • Offers may be accepted by the Athlete earlier than the deadline, but the offer cannot be rescinded if you choose to wait.
  2. Clubs cannot use any pressure tactics in discussing the offer. Language such as discussing “what is best for your daughter” or discussing the merits of any other club other than their own is not allowed.
  3. Powerwest believes that athletes should explore every option to play in their own age group prior playing in a younger age group (for athletes with late birthdays : Sept 1 onwards).
    • If there are no offers from clubs to play at the current age group, then playing in a younger age is a great option to build skill.
    • Clubs cannot pressure athletes to accept offers to play in a younger age group prior to allowing them to determine if they have an offer from another club in their own age group.
    • The timing of the tryout contract process is structured by Volleyball BC in such a way to ensure that your athlete will know if they are getting an offer from their own age group before the deadline for the younger age group is reached.

If you have any questions on this process or any specific behaviour, feel free to contact Volleyball BC at